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Wrapping Qualities

Weft Fiber WQ

 How different fibers will effect your wrap.  Meaning that on a cotton warp, no weft, even the soapy wefts, will be overly soapy and the dry wefts will have the dryness accentuated.   Likewise, silk and seacell warps will accentuate the soapiness of wefts, and pair really well with a drier weft for a balanced feel)


    1. soapy: silky, cool to the touch. think silk sheets.
    2. Dry: opposite of silky. Think like your linen dish towels or your flannel sweatshirt. Something I consider middle of the road would be Egyptian bed sheets. It has a slight soapiness to it but its not really soapy.
    3. Bast and Rayon: Bast and Rayon refer to the process to make the yarn.  both are the processes used for plant fibers.  Bast is process of making a raw fiber from a plant. This is more like its natural state.    When fiber is made this way, its is rougher and more like its natural state. The other process type would be Rayon. Bast fibers include linen (flax), nettle, hemp, pineapple, banana, bamboo....(although I dont have bamboo bast you can find it in some oschas!)  Rayons include things like bamboo, peppermint, rose, sacabra glandra, banana, and even tencel (tencel is a generation 3 rayon, the cleanest/greenest rayon process developed to date, usually made from eucalyptus)
    4. Chatty silk: chatty silk is silk that squeaks when you rub it between your fingers. its not like a loud squeak. think of it like freshly washed wet hair in the shower. the chattyness of it tends to go away once woven. Lofty and dense definition when speaking about a yarn: describes the twist and the ply. a dense yarn is spun tightly and is less likely to get pilly. lofty yarn is spun more lose, and tends to be cushier.


          • Anamika silk: this is a chatty silk but once woven the chattyness just lends some grip to the piece. A thicker silk, its cushy while still being super strong and supportive. Not as shiny as some other silks.
          • Banana/tencel: slight cush, strong, shiny with a touch of grip.
          • Bourette silk: see noil silk
          • Cotton hemp: The cotton in our cotton hemp is long staple, like egyptian cotton and pima. It is dry, but soft. Grippy, but not hard to wrap with. It doesn’t require any breaking in like straight hemp. Its a thinner, flat weft. No stretch. Perfect for older kids. Think like your favorite flannel sweatshirt.
          • Eri silk: see noil silk. Although SOFT. this is a super soft version. Nubby, thin, strong, dry, and soft. Wonderful for older kids or newborns.
          • Green Tea Modal: very soft, shiny. Flat with a touch of cush and bounce. Great for newborns, and in hot weather. Woven densely this is a great fiber for older kids too, but maybe not the favorite with people b/c of the slight stretch and bounce. (this fiber is very much like peppermint/rose/bamboo)
          • Handspun Banana: Thick, cushy, textured. drapey. soapy. This would be suggested for older kids OR very experienced wrappers. Can be overwhelming to new wrappers. The most unique fiber though being so textured but also being soapy and soft.
          • Luxe silk: loftier than Swiss silk and also a bit fuzzier, though not a fuzzy yarn--only in a side by side comparison would you notice. It is bright white and very lustrous. It only comes in thick
          • Marine silk: this is a blend of merino, silk, and seacell. Very low wool content makes this a wonderful all year wrap, even in hot weather (if you like wool in hot weather) It is slightly cushy, slightly bouncy, while still being very supportive and soft. No breaking in required. I cal this the magic fiber b/c there isn’t a wrap out there I dont like with marine silk. Now comes in superwash wool! Comes in two sizes, thick and thin. Thin still has a slight cush, but thick is cush city.
          • Mill spun banana silk (rayon): this is NOT a silk. It is called vegan silk. Its actually a rayon. Its thin, very thin. Very nubby. But soapy! I like to compare it to a bathing suit that got pulled on concrete when you sit down. Soft and silky but nubby and textured. This a strong fiber, and woven densely is wonderful for all ages. No cushy, just thin and flat and strong.
          • Noil: our noil silk is thin, grippy, dry. Its a cotton like silk. It has little nubs. Easy to wrap with. Light. Has a slight bounce to it. Perfect for newborns to older kids if your prefer a thin girppy wrap with some bounce and stretch. Good in hot weather. (tsumagi/noil/eri/bourette all fall into this category of noil silk. I probably couldn’t pick them out from a lineup if i was blindfolded lol.)
          • Peppermint: peppermint is a rayon. Its a thinner weft with slight bounce and stretch. Maybe not the best for older kids unless the weave is grippy and dense. SOOO soft!! Really great in the heat too. Takes dye amazingly.
          • Pima cotton: a flat soft, long staple cotton. Because of the long staple length its not as cushy as ringspun, but it has better drape. All the other qualities of cotton. (see ringspun)
          • Pineapple: dry, grippy, cushy. needs breaking in. ultimate toddler prison. VERY DRY AND GRIPPY. I suggest this to experience wrappers. people with older kiddos. people who like breaking in wraps. people who really want the ultimate toddler prison.
          • Pineapple cotton: this is like cotton hemp but its cushier.
          • Ringspun weft: perfect middle of the road weft. Slightly cushy, on the dryer side. Has wonderful grip without being hard to wrap with. Perfect for any age, easy care, and wonderful in any weather.
          • Rose: See peppermint, although has more grip and less stretch.
          • Rose Silk: rose silk is very wool like, with zero wool. its cushy and a bit soapy, but its also wool like in its fuzzy feel. has amazing cush and a touch of bounce (like wool, but less bouncy) if you are allergic to wool and want something wool like, this is it! previous batches that we had milled didn’t take dye that darkly, so this is something to consider when requesting this fiber. (we just had this milled an i haven’t dyed the new milled batch)
          • Seacell: Sea cell is one of those chameleon fibers, pair it with ringspun and its bouncy. pair it with silk, and its solid as a rock. Its a rayon, like tencel and rose. cool to the touch, slick. Its on the shiny spectrum but more matte then any other rayon. Our seacell is thick and cushy.
          • Seasilk: a blend of silk and seacell, this is just like silk, but it doesn’t dye as dark b/c of the blend. Its strong, shiny, supportive, with little stretch. Light in hand. Seasilk comes in two sizes. The thicker one is very cushy, without being overwhelming. No breaking in required.
          • Silk nettle: nettle is a bast like linen, but its very very soft. Where linen requires breaking in, nettle does not. Slightly textured, as if it was fuzzy (as opposed to textured like pineapple cotton thats just dry) this is a soapy texture. Thinner weft, wonderful for hot weather or cold weather. Slight sheen to it. Dyes wonderfully.
          • Slub silk: soft!! Cushy!! Nubby without adding any grip. Very soft. Did i mention soft? Lol. shiny. This is a great weft when you want a super soft, cushy, strong and shiny wrap with little texture. (texture would come from the weave and warp)
          • Soy aloe: soft! Cushy! A touch of stretch and bounce. Light in hand.
          • Spun silk: thin silk, from mulberry. Its strong, shiny, and supportive. Light in hand. Not the softest silk out there (compared to swiss silk for example), not the soapiest silk either. Great silk on a budget if you want soapy and strong without the price tag. Not cushy.
          • Suvin cotton: this is a thin long staple cotton. Very thin. Very soft and drapey. See supima although even thinner.
          • Swiss silk: dense (but not as dense as reeled silk), with a loose twist and excellent shine. It adds incredible support plus glide to ringspun cotton warps. It comes in thick and thin both.
          • Tencel: tencel is like silks man made cousin. Its very soapy. It is strong, shiny, heavy. (heavy = amazing drape!) It comes in two sizes. 8/2 tencel is flat (but can be cushy in the right weave!), while thick tencel is a very nice cushy fiber in any weave. Tencel gets a bad rep for not being supportive but woven densely its lovely and strong and perfect for any age. Very good for hot weather wearing. Tussah silk: one of my favorite wefts. Comparable to silk nettle although dyes darker and its not as soft. Slightly fuzzy. Textured. Leaning more towards dry, although not as dry as the basts like pineapple and hemp. Strong, and supportive. Light in hand. Also comes in two sizes. The thick one is super cushy. Wonderful in hot weather. No bounce or stretch.
          • Pineapple
          • Cotton hemp
          • Pineapple cotton
          • Noil silk
          • Tsumagi
          • Noil silk Eri silk soapy :
          • Slub silk
          • Tencel
          • Swiss silk
          • Luxe silk
          • Peppermint
          • Rose
          • Soy aloe
          • Seasilk
          • Green tea
          • Banana tencel
          • seacell
          Middle of the road:
          • Cottons
          • Silk nettle
          • Tussah
          • Marine silk
          • rose silk
          Comparisons: tussah to noil silk: tussah is fuzzy, noil is cottony and nubby. Tussah has no stretch. noil has slight stretch. i can break noil with my hands but tussah I cannot. noil is dryer. comparisons: pineapple cotton and cotton hemp: cotton hemp is flatter. pineapple cotton is cushier. compare: pineapple to pineapple cotton: pineapple is DRY and GRIPPY. ulitimate dry and grippy wrap. Pineapple 100% needs to be broken in. pineapple is cushier then pineaple cotton. Pineapple is the ultamate toddler tamer.
          comparison: ringspun to pima. Pima is less cushy, more drapey. think of your flannel sheets (ringspun) to your egyptian cotton bed sheets (pima).