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Terms and Conditions


Returns & Exchanges

In stock wraps


*** ALL SALES ARE FINAL unless there is a fatal flaw in the wrap***

Carry Om Handwovens will issue a partial refund for any items returned to us. Re stock fee of $100 will be deducted from total price. Refunds will be issued back in the original form of payment within 5-7  business days from receiving item and inspecting it. Buyer will not be refunded shipping for item, and it will be deducted from the  total refund. It is buyers responsibility to pay for shipping back to Carry Om Handwovens, and must provide tracking via email to of the returned item.  Carry Om handwovens reserves all right to deny any return for any given reason.  At that time credit will be issued. 

However will gladly exchange or give credit for any in stock wraps available. If no in stock wraps are available buyer will have the option to have credit valid for one year from the date of purchase. This credit is valid for same or equal value exchange ; no refunds will be given. If credit has not been claimed customer looses the ability to use said credit. Exchanges or credits will be given within 3 days of receipt from the original owner. Returns and exchanges must be in brand new condition with all tags, boxes, and paperwork intact. Returns and exchanges may not have been worn, washed, stained, or damaged in any way. The item must be in the original as-new condition. Returns and Exchanges are non-transferable.

In stock Items ship daily, and will ship within 1-3 business days past when payment is complete.  Credit card orders take a bit longer to clear then paypal payments, which are instant.   If you have questions, you may contact us at any point  through our website, facebook or direct email.  (

Customs ( Semi) wraps

No Exchanges, refunds or credits for custom items. All sales are final for custom (semi) custom items. Hand dyed yarns for any and all custom ( semi )wrap either on the warp or as weft as non refundable and non exchangeable nor credits will be given. All sales will be final for any custom warp or weft. By paying your invoice you understand that custom hand dyed yarn colors may vary and aren't exact. Please write to customer service at for approval before returning an item for exchange/credit. Shipping costs and Express shipping costs on both international and domestic orders are non-refundable. Carry Om Handwovens  will cover the cost of return shipping if the item being returned/exchanged has a serious manufacturer's defect or flaw. The cost of return shipping is the customer's responsibility if an item is being returned because of personal preference. Delivery confirmation and insurance is recommended. Carry Om handwovens reserves the right to recall or determine what is a manufactured flaw.  Carry Om Handwovens is not responsible for returns or exchanges that are lost by the USPS or any other delivery provider.
  • Carry Om Handwovens reserves the right to withhold a 20% restocking fee on any returned item custom item, especially if it is in not brand new condition. (has been worn or washed). 

Carry Om produces quality handdyed, handwoven, functional, beautiful textiles and our process consists of many steps that are done entirely by hand. As such, expect your textile to contain signs of the hand such as visible bobbin changes, imperfections in the selvage or fringe, cosmetic mends of knots or skips, minor bleeding during washing, etc. Signs of the hand are not errors or flaws and will not be accepted as reason for returns or partials refunds. In the event of a minor flaw that does not compromise safety or integrity of the fabric such as a broken thread, knot, or skipped thread we will cover the cost of shipping to Connecticut and repair the flaw in a timely manner at no cost to the customer.
  • We do not offer returns or refunds for minor flaws in our handmade textiles. We do not offer returns or refunds of customized textiles or any product sold in person.
  •  If you should forfeit your wrap/slot prior to shipping and Carry Om sells your piece for you, Carry Om Handwovens reserves the right to  withhold a 20% restocking fee, or the deposit (whichever is greater).
  • Deposits are due before weaving commences, and are non refundable.  
  • When receiving your wrap look over the wrap immediately. Contact us within 5 days to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Small skips (less then 1"), bobbin changes, mistreadles, and scalloped selvages are not cause for any refunds or returns. Refunds or discounts would not be warranted for repairable minor flaws.
All items are mailed tracked and insured via USPS. Full value must be declared on all items mailed outside the US.
Please note shipping rates:
Domestic shipping, within the Us  on items over $700 - $30
Domestic shipping, within the Us  on items Under $700 -$25
Canada: $45
Australia: $80
Denmark $60
England $50
China $50
Shipping charges are generalized by domestic and non domestic through my website, any overages will be refunded at time of shipping.

Add-on guidelines:
Every weaver is different and we reserve the right to charge accordingly for or decline a customer's request if the weaver does not feel they can fulfill the request for any reason. This includes techniques not listed in the add-ons category, such as weave changes, supplemental threads, color blocking, shape making, excessively time consuming techniques, or culturally significant symbols.

Semi-customs are woven one at a time with roughly 2 weeks dedicated to an individual piece. We work as efficiently as possible and will not refund a deposit if the time frame is within a reasonable expectation nor will we refund a piece that is ready to ship.
Wraps that are more then 2 months out will have a deposit of $200. Wraps that are more immediate require a 50% deposit. Deposits are non refundable and considered design and consult fees. If you sell your spot, you may get a full refund once the new spot holder has paid, however a 20% restocking fee may be charged. Please understand that a lot of time goes into to planning, designing, ordering yarn, invoicing and of course warping and weaving. It takes away from our weaving and creating time when having to refund and resell items that have already been accounted for. Carry Om reserves the right to allow the transfer of custom spot on a case by case basis.The remainder of your invoice is due upon completion of your wrap before shipping.
We measure STIH. (soft tape in hand) because of differences in measuring, there is a 5% +/- allowance in length from the ordered length. In most cases wraps come out long, but no discount will be given for anything a couple inches shorter then ordered (this is VERY rare, but it does happen) Wraps stretch with wear, and wraps will grow 1-2” with use. All wraps are HANDWASHED. Because of this, wraps will be longer then ordered in most cases. If machine washed, IT WILL SHRINK.
Any and all warranties, guarantees and or product promises are nontransferable and are only valid for the original purchaser as listed on the mailing address. Once the item is no longer in the original owner’s possession for whatever reason, any and all warranties, guarantees and or product promises are hereinafter void. If the original owner sells or passes the item on to another person, Carry Om Handwovens cannot be held responsible for the condition of the item at that time and cannot guarantee the safety or condition the item is in. Any Alterations made after the product is delivered to original owners voids any warranty as I cannot guarantee someone else's work or safety involved. If you have a question or problem please contact me right away so we can work out a beneficial solution.