Sarah is the owner and sole weaver of Carry Om Handwovens.  Being a  navy wife, she moves often.  Originally from NJ, she now lives with her family in sunny California. She’s  a mom of 2 boys, and they’re expecting their first girl in January.  

She’s been weaving and dyeing since 2015, and finds it to be very meditative (when things are going smoothly!) and a wonderful outlet for her creativity.   When she’s not weaving  wraps, she’s talking about wraps, or teaching people how to use wraps.  Exploring new fibers and weaves is her passion, as well as playing with designs.   She finds that bringing people together in her custom groups is just as much fun as bringing people's vision to life.  "The entire process to me is amazing.  From the beginning steps of picking out the perfect inspiration photo, to bringing that inspiration to life, to creating a custom group and seeing friendships form around my art...it all brings me such joy!  I am forever grateful that I found weaving.  I consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to do something that I love."   She would call her style eclectic, from painted warps, to grads, she really likes to step outside of her comfort zone and do it all.

The name Carry Om is a play on her spiritual beliefs as well as what babywearing and weaving mean to her.  

About Carry Om Handwovens:

Carry Om handwovens was created in 2014 when Sarah's son was a year old.  She began using woven wraps when her son was 3 months old and completely fell in love.  After learning about weaves, looms, and fibers just from being a handwoven collector, the opportunity arose to purchase her own loom.  It was never her intention to begin an actual business but it all came so naturally that it was just the obvious evolution for what was then just a hobby for her.  

Most warps are Pre-Sold (before they are wove) in the Carry Om Handwovens chatter page by random draw.  (https://www.facebook.com/groups/CarryOmHandwovens/)   Occasionally there are Extra pieces sold which are also listed in the chatter page.  If you would like a Carry Om Purse made from Carry Om scrap, please be sure to follow the chatter page for available spots on upcoming warps.  

There are a few ways to get a Carry Om custom, one of which is to submit an inspiration photo in the Carry Om facebook Chatter page.