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The Weavers Corner

Here is the weaves corner!    I've tried to showcase here what a weaver has done on their own.  How they blend on the loom, how they transition when its a grad weft, how they place blocks, how they do inlays and weave changes.    

Most of the dyeing is done by me (sarah) and whitney.  I have my hand in every aspect of the weaving, but once I feel comfortable that a weaver "gets" my style, they can design as they choose.  (using my design outline:  the more random the better, asymmetrical is king, and a free flow art form, which means less planning = better results)  

Some weavers do ALL their own dye work, such as Samantha, and Holly.  Katherine does most of her own dyeing as well, and she also dyes for Kieana occasionally. 

Here at Carry Om, we span the country, and in some cases, the continent!    We all talk.  We all brainstorm together.  When we get stuck, we lean on each other for support.  When one weaver gets hurt or can't complete a project for whatever reason, we move the project to another weaver who can finish it.   Our work is a collaboration.   Carry Om is a family.  And we welcome you to it. 

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