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The Meaning Behind Carry Om

Did you ever wonder how I became Carry Om?  What the picture is in my logo?  My  business name, Carry Om, is obviously a  play on words, but the meaning behind it is SO much more then that. I'll start by saying that I practice Buddhism. The Symbol at the end of my business name is an Om (aum.)

Om is the sound made before many mantras, it is the sacred trinity (consisting of 3 parts: Ahhh, Ohhhh, Mmmm). There is a strong connection between our words (our expression of our thoughts) and our life energy. Sounds, words, and speech, create our reality.

So I didn't always practice Bhuddism. I was raised Jewish. 
When I was 29 I went through some life altering things, and I needed a way to find myself, settle my mind, and rectify my demons. I found mindfulness and meditation, and that lead me to learning everything I could about Buddhism, the religion, AND the philosophy. There's a lot of emphasis on the present moment. Finding peace and happiness with what we have instead of longing for what we are missing. Or what happened yesterday. When I opened my business 3 years ago it felt very fitting to incorporate my art with my beliefs, hence the name "Carry Om" came to be.

Babywearing is so much related to our life energy and to Om. We sing to our babies, and tell them how smart and brave they are. We shush them when they cry. Our mind must be calm and settled in order to settle our babies. Babywearing brings peace and clarity to not only baby, but to the caregiver as well. I also see the connections in my art, the community, and motherhood as a sacred trinity.

Not only all of that, but on a more personal level, weaving is like meditation. I count my treadling like I would count my breaths during meditation. I focus on the present and stay mindful of what i'm doing at the moment to keep myself from having anxiety of all the steps in front of me (and when you're threading 960 ends and you're at 1, there's A LOT in front of you!)

When I share pictures of me at my loom, or caregivers with their babies, I hope to convey that feeling of calm and inner piece. So, I hope you all got something out of my VERY long explanation. I was trying to keep this short, but there's just SO much to it. I hope that the Om on my wraps brings you peace and centers you when you're carrying your children as much as it does for me!