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Our Handspun Yarns

A bit about our handspun:

We have a very exciting new line up of yarns we'll be offering. We are working closely with women in India who have, for generations, been spinning. The women, Soni and Sohan will be working closely with us, spinning fibers to our specifications that will be available as Wefts for babywraps! The very first weft that we'll be offering is vegan silk made from banana, but we have two other blends in the works that we'll be announcing later, (but a small hint on one of the's softer then cashmere!) 🙈 (Hiding face emoji)

We are very pleased to be creating a global collaboration, by going to the weavers who do this as generational art, and we couldn't be more honored that they have agreed to work with us and allow us to offer their gorgeous yarn as a weft options.

I hope everyone is as excited for these new options as I am. I think my love of handspun yarn is well known, so to be able to offer it on wraps is just so wonderful. The first ever handspun piece offered to the chatter will be on California Sunset, which will be offered via draw as a finished piece, unless someone wants to pick it up as a semi custom.

***Pic of Soni spinning posted with permission.

Id: First picture is of Soni, an Indian woman, in traditional clothing, sitting on the floor of her house, skeining natty yarn on an upright skeiner. There is a bobbin winder next to her, and a pile of bobbins wound with the natty yarn.


second picture is of three natty skeins of yarn on a wooden table taken indoors.